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July 2014 DiSabatino CPA Newsletter



In this issue:


  • Prepare for the "Claw Back" Credit
    Is a tax surprise of over $1,000 in your future?
  • Taxpayer Bill of Rights
  • In the News. Student Loan Interest Relief?
  • Ideas to Make Homeownership Affordable


The Month of May:


  • July 4th: Independence Day



Happy Independence Day! While we look forward to the fireworks that mark the month, there could be fireworks for millions when the IRS tries to take back health care Premium Tax Credits at the end of the year. If you are using the Health Exchange for your insurance you will want to be aware of this tax risk. There is also news on two other fronts, first the newly announced Taxpayers' Bill of Rights and potential payment relief for those with student loan debt. All this and an article exploring the status of home affordability round out this month's newsletter.

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Prepare for the "Claw Back" Credit

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