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Distressed Business Workout

Businesses can quickly spiral into trouble. We commonly see companies with a gross income up to $15 million, which grow and promote only from within, whereby the business may quickly outpace management's skills. Also, a common situation is when a family feud rips the business apart from the inside.


Through our experience, we offer distressed businesses the benefits of our abilities to:

  • See solutions you don't and find the root cause of your business woes while helping you obtain an infusion of cash.
  • Assist you in operating as if cash is king by spending less, knowing where every dollar goes, and refraining from spending until you make money.
  • Assist in strengthening your management team. You need qualified key staffers to rebuild your company. Founders need to be able to recruit leaders for the next stage of growth. Shed deadwood – unproductive staff or assets.
  • Assist in shedding the "dead weight" and eliminate unproductive staff or assets.

Our Process includes the following areas of assistance for which we have demonstrated a history of success:

  • Short-term budgeting, including rolling 13-week cash flow plans to assure you know what your cash requirements are, and how to provide for such needs.
  • Long-term planning.  We look forward 24-36 months to set achievable financial goals.
  • Strategic analysis that looks at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
  • Evaluate or assist in developing a marketing plan.  Opportunity is knocking... let's make sure it knows where your door is.


If you find your business in trouble, call to arrange a free consultation with the firm of DiSabatino, CPA so we can discuss a business turnaround engagement. Our success speaks for itself... as we have turned around many companies that were on the verge of failing.

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